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A Guide to Senior Housing Options

A Guide to Senior Housing OptionsWhen it comes to senior housing there’s a whole lot of options available and while this variety may be nice it can make it harder to determine what’s right for you. Different housing options will provide different services and can change depending on how much help you need in your day-to-day. The following is a quick guide to your senior housing options and information to help you find exactly what suits you best.

What Are Your Senior Housing Options?

1. In-Home Care

If a senior’s medical needs are minimal but they still require assistance with daily activities then staying at home is a great option. In-home service options include transportation, delivering meals, personal care, and homemaking care. If an elder does choose to stay at home it’s very likely that they will have to modify it in some way or another to accommodate their needs such as mobility. Overall staying at home is a great option if you don’t want any sort of drastic change but still require some help every now and then.

2. Retirement Community

Think of retirement communities as apartment homes designed specifically for seniors. They provide plenty of activities and social opportunities for elders and generally allow the residents to furnish their homes themselves. Retirement communities also provide fitness classes and other recreational activities allowing the residents to stay physically active and healthy.

3. Independent Living

Independent living is a housing service that only allows people past a certain age and as the name suggests, most of them don’t offer care services. They’re designed to make things easier for the seniors while abstaining from that facility atmosphere you can get in things such as nursing homes. One of the big pluses when it comes to this kind of service is the social aspect. You’ll find yourself surrounded by people of common interests and of your age range which alleviates the loneliness some seniors feel upon retiring.

4. Assisted Living

Assisted living serves residents who don’t need the extensive medical care that a nursing home provides but rather those who require help with daily tasks such as laundry, bathing, dressing, and managing their medications. Assisted living will generally provide three meals a day, transportation, and care as it is needed.

5. Combined Continuum of Care

A combined continuum of care chooses to mix the other categories such as assisted living, independent living, and nursing services to accommodate the seniors as their needs change. Many of these communities offer a legal agreement to obtain housing services for life. This combined continuum of care will usually charge things such as an entrance fee on top of rental fees and other service fees in order to get in.

6. Nursing Home

Finally, nursing homes are for those who require full-time care and require a physician’s order in order to be admitted to one. Nursing homes offer 24-hour medical service and care to their patients.

Which Senior Housing Option is Right for You?

Each person has different needs so determine how much help you need with daily tasks and how much independence you want to keep. Decide if you want to pay for a continuum of care so you can have a residence that accommodates you for the rest of your life. Is this care short-term or long-term? Ask yourself all of these questions and get the senior housing that’s perfect for you.

Looking for a Great Community?

If you are looking for a high-quality, resident-centered senior care facility to live or work in, look no further. Colavria Hospitality is a local, family-owned management and consulting company specializing in skilled nursing communities and senior living in the greater Denver area. Our wide capacity for assistance and rehabilitation ensures maximum care for all residents.

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