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5 Common Tasks Seniors Need Assistance With

5 Common Tasks Seniors Need Assistance WithAs you age, daily tasks are likely to become more difficult and there’s a chance you’ll eventually need some form of senior care or short-term rehabilitation. So what can you expect as you get older? What are the tasks seniors need help with the most?

Common Tasks Seniors Need Assistance With

Here are a few of the tasks that aging adults often need help with.

1. Transportation and Mobility

For most seniors, as they get older their mobility slows down and fatigue tends to set in faster making it difficult to go places. On top of this due to a decrease in vision and reflexes things such as driving can become dangerous to you and those around you. Thankfully most long-term care services offer things such as transportation and help to get around each day when it is needed.

2. Medical Attention

Senior citizens may require medical care for a variety of issues. Of course, things such as doctor’s visits and eye care are a must but other things such as physical or mental therapy should be maintained when needed as well. Many older adults also need assistance with things such as taking pills and shots meaning having a facility or at-home assistant is mandatory in some cases.

3. Housework and Other Chores

Simple daily things such as chores can become very tiring and dangerous as you get older. You should never force yourself into situations in which you know the task is a detriment to your health. Senior care offers cleaning services and workers who make it their mission to do their job well while also keeping you safe.

4. Cooking and Nutrition

Everyone needs proper nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle so have a nutritionist or caregiver go over a daily meal plan with you. Meals can also be prepared ahead of time allowing you to easily heat them up and enjoy them with little effort.

5. Personal Care and Hygiene

Personal care and hygiene are something that can be overlooked if you aren’t careful. Don’t be afraid to get assistance when it comes to bathing and dressing. A care worker or family member can help with these tasks if necessary. Maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle is important to one’s overall health and being so it’s good to make it a priority.

Balancing Independence with Assistance

This may seem like a lot to do on your own or to place on your family but don’t worry! There are plenty of good senior communities out there that will help you with these daily needs while still letting you exercise your independence. Many people see senior care as something that prohibits your freedom but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A good long-term care facility helps you in the areas you may not be able to do by yourself anymore so it can give you the freedom to focus on activities that you can enjoy. This balance of independence with assistance allows residents to freely engage in activities and social connections while the team members help with the minor daily tasks someone might struggle with.

Let Colavria Hospitality Welcome You!

If you are looking for a high-quality, resident-centered senior care facility to live or work in, look no further. Colavria Hospitality is a local, family-owned management and consulting company specializing in skilled nursing communities and senior living in the greater Denver area. Our wide capacity for assistance and rehabilitation ensures maximum care for all residents.

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