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COVID Vaccines: What Seniors Need to Know

COVID Vaccines: What Seniors Need to KnowHere’s Why the Vaccine is so Important to your Aging Parent

The vaccine has proven to be the most effective tool for a nursing home’s fight against COVID-19, and we have the data to support it!

In March 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that since rolling out the vaccine there has been a 96% decline in COVID positive residents living in nursing homes. This only stands to reason that senior living communities with higher rates of fully vaccinated individuals, experience safer work and living environments.

Other data published by the CDC reports that as of August 2021 83% of U.S. nursing home residents and 61% of nursing home staff, have been fully vaccinated.

Colavria Hospitality’s communities recently reported that 93% of their residents and 83% of staff are fully vaccinated, far exceeding the national average.

A commitment to resident and staff safety provides peace beyond the nursing home walls. Friends and families can now visit residents and enjoy activities that were avoided prior to the vaccine and nursing home employees and their families are better protected.

COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool to help stop the pandemic and is available for everyone at no cost. Get your vaccine as soon as possible by contacting your physician, pharmacist, or local health department.

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