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Based on our wealth of expertise in the field of rehabilitative and long-term care, Colavria Hospitality also offers project development services to investors planning new developments or refurbishing of existing communities. These services are distinct from our on-going community management services, and are available on a separate fee schedule.

If you are a developer or an investor interested in refurbishing or developing a new facility, it can be extremely helpful for you to partner with Colavria Hospitality as a managing operator early in the planning process. Colavria will bring a wealth of experience in starting, planning, refurbishing, and managing projects to your building opportunity. We have an impressive track record of working with developers to insure a highly functioning residential care communities.

We purposely chose to include the word Hospitality as part of our name because we believe that it emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming company and community culture. Our commitment to Collaboration, Innovation, and Harmony permeates everything we do. The result of this firm foundation of Core Principles can be seen in our organizational design, decision-making processes, and business relationships.

Colavria has experience with local and national firms involved in new project development. References for our project development services are available upon request.

Our Project Development Expertise Includes:

  • Advising Through Feasibility Analysis:
    Colavria can help assess factors such as location, community population, work force availability, funding sources, and governmental regulations to determine if it makes sense to proceed with a new build or refurbishment project.
  • Architectural Planning:
    Colavria draws from our first-hand experience to provide input on building design and layout which assures efficiency in the delivery of services as well as the satisfaction of our guests.
  • Budget Development:
    Colavria can provide detailed income and expense projections which aid in feasibility analysis and investor presentations.
  • Construction Management:
    Colavria can work alongside the general contractor to assure no detail goes unnoticed when refurbishing or remodeling existing facilities, as well as constructing new communities.


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