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Colavria Therapy ServicesSince our launch in 2017, Colavria Therapy Services has been providing exceptional inpatient and outpatient therapy within our skilled nursing communities. We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy in our state-of-the-art gyms for our rehabilitation patients at all three Colavria locations: Saint Paul Health Center, The Rehabilitation Center at Sandalwood and Westlake Care Community. Under the direction of Dr. Dan King, D.P.T., M.S.E.S.S., Colavria Therapy Services utilizes innovative therapy modalities to optimize outcomes and increase general health and wellness.

Our Specialized Programs Include:

  • Fall Risk Management
  • Memory Care
  • Pain Management
  • Dysphagia Management
  • Cardiopulmonary Conditions
  • Post-acute joint replacement Fitness
  • Parkinson’s Movement
  • I-Fit
  • General Health and Wellness

To inquire about therapy services please contact us at 303-222-3033.


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