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5 Things to Consider When Moving an Aging Loved One to a Senior Living Facility

5 Things to Consider When Moving an Aging Loved One to a Senior Living FacilityTransitions are difficult for everyone, but particularly for those who have had time to put down roots. If you are transferring an aged loved one from a long-time home to a senior facility, consider a few practical tips.

5 Things to Consider When Moving a Loved One Into Senior Care

Change is often necessary and even enjoyable. However, it is still important to carefully regard your loved one’s feelings. Consider these 5 things when moving your loved one into a senior living facility.

1. Give them the time they need to change chapters.

If possible, give your loved one plenty of notice before a major transition. Sometimes, a little extra time to process a change makes that change easier. Avoid a surprise, short-notice move. Instead, broach the subject carefully and thoughtfully, then give your loved one time to weigh in, offer their opinion, and help select a new living situation.

2. Communicate thoroughly with both your loved one and the senior living facility.

Communication plays an incredibly important role in a smooth transition. Keep that channel open between yourself, your loved one, and the senior care facility. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to asking and answering questions, introducing your loved one to team members, and making everyone familiar with one another. The more everyone knows about the new chapter, the easier it becomes to turn pages.

3. Plan and organize every step.

Organization also makes for an easier transition. Packing, moving, and getting other affairs in order can quickly become scrambled messes if not well-planned. Make things easier on yourself and your loved one by putting your heads together and planning out the change.

4. Be gentle when it comes to personal matters like decluttering.

Of course, if your loved one is downsizing from a house to an assisted living community, a little decluttering is in order. Many items collected over the years maintain sentimental value. Do not force your loved one to throw these items away. Instead, categorize, prioritize, and understand that sometimes downsizing takes a little time (and maybe a few tears).

5. Make sure that the senior care facility is a high-quality place.

Of course, the first step before going through with the transition is ensuring that you have found the right care facility. Look for a community with a variety of care options, a well-trained team, and a genuine love for all residents.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

As an added note, make sure you look for the right qualities in a senior community. The following thoughts are good to keep in mind when searching for a care facility.

  • Your loved one’s facility should keep health and happiness at the forefront of everything.
  • While the quality of the assistance matters, so does the overall atmosphere of the community. Is it friendly? Is it genuine?
  • Extracurricular activities play a huge role in a smooth transition for your loved one; look for a community with plenty of stimulating activities to choose from.

Looking for a High-Quality Senior Living Facility?

Colavria Hospitality is a local, family-owned management and consulting company specializing in skilled nursing communities and senior living in the greater Denver area. We would love to meet you and your loved one. Call us today if you have any further questions.

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