Saint Paul Now Offers Outpatient Therapy

New Package of Services Available


As of July, 2014, Saint Paul is pleased to offer outpatient therapy services to its clients.  Parkside Rehabilitation Center at Saint Paul has long been known for excellence in inpatient, short-term rehabilitation, and will now extend its therapy offerings to clients who have returned home.


Often, Parkside guests will be discharged to home after a short stay on the unit, but with physicians’ orders for on-going therapy to reach their maximum potential.  These guests now will have the option of continuing their therapy services with the professionals they have become acquainted with at Saint Paul.

Administrator Sara Dent says, “Outpatient therapy represents an opportunity for us to broaden the portfolio of services we offer at Saint Paul.  We are excited to offer a continuum of care that will allow us to continue serving our clients after they have returned home.”

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