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What Kind of Senior Care is Right for Your Loved One?

What Kind of Senior Care is Right for Your Loved One?Searching for the perfect senior community for your loved one can be a little overwhelming. What type of care do they need? What should you look for in a facility? How do you know you are making the right decision? Follow our guide to deciding what kind of senior care is right for your loved one.

What Type of Senior Care Does Your Loved One Need?

Determining the type of care your loved one needs means determining what daily tasks they might struggle with. Medical care, cooking assistance, transportation, etc. are all things to consider when it comes to senior care. Make sure you are familiar with the following types of elderly care.

Basic Independent or Assisted Living

Assisted living differs from long-term medical care. In fact, even before assisted living comes independent living. Independent living indicates that an individual lives in a senior community but does not necessarily require assistance with daily tasks. Assisted living is for individuals who might be fairly independent but need help with things like transportation or cooking. Different levels of assisted living exist depending on the personal needs of the resident. Regular medical assistance is not always required (but is usually available if necessary).

Long-Term Care

On the other hand, long-term senior care is specifically designed for individuals who need special help. Examples of long-term residents include individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, physical or mental impairments, etc. These residents require more than transportation. Instead, they need routine care for their comfort and safety.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Short-term rehabilitation exists for individuals who function independently but need assistance for the time being. A short-term stay might be due to physical therapy for a mini-stroke, broken bone, etc. Whatever the case, short-term rehabilitation varies from all the other types of senior care.

What to Look For in Senior Care

Keep in mind that just because a facility may offer the type of care your loved one requires, you don’t want to settle. Senior communities of every type should offer first-rate care and facilities. If you aren’t sure what to look for in senior care, begin with the following qualities.

1. High-Quality Medical Assistance

Even if your loved one is independent and rarely needs medical assistance, access to good care matters in emergency situations.

2. Experienced, Well-Trained Team Members

Every senior community is defined by its team members. Look for friendly, reliable, people-centered staff who are well-trained in the field.

3. Concern and Care for Residents

In addition to skill and experience, team members should exhibit genuine care for their residents. Connections and relationships go a long way in establishing a healthy community.

4. Long-Term Care Growth

Even if your loved one only needs basic assistance at this time, make sure you look for a facility that offers a continuum of care. This ensures seamless transitions between levels of care in the future.

5. Good Security and Layout

Not only should the facility be safe, secure, and well-monitored, the layout must be safe for residents.

6. Extra Activities for Residents

Keep in mind that senior care goes beyond the physical. Extracurricular activities provide the opportunity to socialize, fine-tune new skills, and enjoy life beyond “surviving.”

7. Cleanliness and Health Precautions

Particularly in a world with COVID, it is important that the community you choose has health precautions in place.

Looking for a Great Senior Community?

If you are looking for a resident-oriented team of devoted workers, look no further. Colavria Hospitality is a local, family-owned management and consulting company specializing in skilled nursing communities and senior living in the greater Denver area. Your loved one’s care is our utmost priority.

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