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Westlake Named a 5-star Community 5 Years in a Row by Medicare.gov

Westlake Named a 5-star Community 5 Years in a Row by Medicare.govWhen it comes to senior care, Colavria Hospitality’s communities are committed to the highest quality. Our Westlake community exemplifies this perfectly after being named a 5-star community 5 years in a row by Medicare.gov.

Westlake: A 5-Star Community

What exactly sets Westlake apart from other senior facilities? For starters, Westlake’s mission is highly centered on each resident personally, rather than the overarching matter of “business.” The vision of the community is to care for and assist each person as thoroughly as possible while building connections. This is made possible through skilled team members who collaborate with one another and build relationships with residents. Harmony is the primary theme of the community, and it displays itself in every interaction between team members and seniors.

Following are several reasons Medicare.gov has named Westlake a 5-star community 5 years in a row.

1. Relationships with Residents

The key to high-quality care is a genuine love for each resident. Westlake’s team members truly care for residents in every sense of the word, which results in beautiful relationships.

2. Relationships with Partnering Communities

Additionally, Westlake shares connections among team members themselves and partnering communities. These partnering relationships allow residents to seamlessly transition between different levels of care when necessary.

3. Transformative Care

Rather than focusing on merely the medical aspect of long-term care, Westlake focuses on the well-being of each individual. This includes emotional, mental, and social well-being as well as physical well-being. A broad focus on health increases the quality of each smaller aspect.

4. Financial Flexibility

Westlake offers different payment options depending on the level of care needed. Additionally, financial assistance programs may be used, including Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration Contract, Private Pay, Innovage, and United Health Care plans.

5. Passionate Team Members

Westlake’s team members not only possess skill and experience, but they also maintain a passion for what they do. A genuine interest in the well-being of residents is the driving motivation between Westlake’s care.

6. High-Quality Amenities

An excellent layout and amenities elevate Westlake’s facilities. Personal care combined with high-quality amenities makes for an excellent community.

7. Unique Daily Activities

Of course, residents do more than just sit around all day. A wide variety of mentally, physically, and emotionally stimulating activities keep residents busy and provide a social outlet.

What is Medicare.gov?

So, why exactly does it matter that Medicare.gov named Westlake a 5-star community? Medicare.gov is a helpful, informed resource for choosing high-quality, affordable senior care. By offering their stamp of approval on Westlake, it backs up what those at Colavria have known all along: our communities stand out from others because of the care and devotion shown by our team members.

Looking for a Great Senior Community?

While Westlake provides a great example of the level of care offered by Colavria Hospitality, it is not the only one. Colavria Hospitality is a local, family-owned management and consulting company specializing in skilled nursing communities and senior living in the greater Denver area. No matter what level of senior care you are searching for, we want to help. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

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