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7 Things That Set Colavria Hospitality’s Communities Apart from Other Senior Care Facilities

If you have toured more than a few senior living communities, chances are high that they have begun blurring together. Senior care should be nothing but the highest quality, so it is important to find a facility that stands out among the rest. Let’s take a look at 7 things that set Colavria Hospitality’s communities apart from others.

What Sets Colavria Hospitality Apart from Other Facilities?

Our mission to care for others remains the defining characteristic of every other aspect of our community. In particular, the following 7 things set Colavria Hospitality apart from other senior care facilities.

1. Team Members

Not only do our team members possess hearts to serve their communities, but we also offer opportunities for them to grow in skill and knowledge. Thorough education and genuine love for residents produce an innovative, community-minded team.

2. Food

Few people consider the importance of good food when choosing a senior living community. However, Colavria Hospitality recognizes the importance of food for physical and emotional comfort. That is why we pride ourselves on high-quality cooking.

3. Amenities

Likewise, safe and functional amenities go a long way in inspiring comfort in our residents. We believe that true care goes beyond the medical and into the daily amenities and activities of individuals.

4. Leadership

The leadership at Colavria Hospitality equally inspires the growth and is inspired by the growth of each community. Additionally, the leadership encourages the extended education of our skilled nursing communities.

5. Core Principles

Each of our communities operates with 3 core principles in mind: collaboration, innovation, and harmony.

Collaboration allows team members and residents to grow within the community in skill, health, and relationships. By pouring into individuals, those individuals work together to build better connections and a healthier community.

Innovation indicates a level of care that is constantly developing. Colavria Hospitality is focused on the inward (residents and team members), but it also draws from outer sources when it comes to improving each community.

A spirit of harmony allows each community to work together for seamless transitions between levels of care. Team members, residents, and individual communities function as one family with everyone looking out for each other.

6. Therapy Services

We want to see our residents thrive in every aspect of their lives. Detailed therapy services ensure that a lack of attention to their needs does not rob them of any enjoyment. Whether short-term or long-term rehabilitation is needed, we are there to serve.

7. Clinical and Interdisciplinary Residential Care

As already mentioned, our primary mission as a senior community is guest-centered care. Colavria Hospitality constantly works to develop systems and protocols that focus on maintaining the comfort, health, security, involvement, and well-being of each of our patients and guests at the highest possible levels.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are looking for a high-quality, resident-centered senior care facility to live or work in, look no further. Colavria Hospitality is a local, family-owned management and consulting company specializing in skilled nursing communities and senior living in the greater Denver area. Our wide capacity for assistance and rehabilitation ensures maximum care for all residents.

If you have any further questions about living arrangements or employment opportunities, do not hesitate to call us today.

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