5 Reasons Working in Senior Care is So Rewarding

5 Reasons Working in Senior Care is So Rewarding

The baby boom generation is retiring at an estimated rate of 10,000 a day, creating high demand for workers with skills and expertise in senior caregiving. Here are five benefits that make careers in senior care well worth exploring. For those newly entering the workforce or those looking for a career change, working with seniors can be an attractive option.

1. Flexible Scheduling

The need for senior caregivers is a 24/7 proposition, so chances are there is a schedule that meets your needs, whether you are raising a family, going to school or looking for part-time employment.

2. Ability to Make a Difference

Senior care workers willing and able to provide supportive and compassionate care have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life every day. Dealing with the changes that come with aging and adjusting to life in a senior community can be challenging for some older adults. Senior caregivers have a positive impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of those they care for that eases the transition and makes a big difference in their quality of life. The impact of those relationships extends to the family and friends of those seniors who have the reassurance that their loved one is in good hands.

The caregivers gain self-esteem and personal satisfaction from knowing that the comfort and care they provide enriches the lives of the people around them. Caring for seniors has the added benefit of working with people who have a lifetime of experiences and knowledge to share that broaden one’s perspective.

3. Ongoing Growth and Professional Development

A career in senior care teaches many useful skills that are applicable to other careers in healthcare. Professional caregivers have access to leading-edge technologies, specialized skills training, experience in supervision and opportunities for advancement.

4. Job Security

Because of the aging population, the need for senior caregivers is growing and not expected to decline any time soon. Caregiving is not a job that can be outsourced or replaced with technology. As people live longer, demand for caregivers to work with a select group of clients may create greater job stability and allow those caregivers to become highly competent in their roles.

5. It’s Fun!

The people who work with seniors have a true appreciation for those in their charge. Rather than simply seeing impediments, caregivers enjoy the stories, experiences and humor of the seniors they care for. They also enjoy the variety of activities and entertainment available.

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