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The Top 10 Skills an Activities Assistant Needs to be Successful

The Top 10 Skills an Activities Assistant Needs to be SuccessfulFew jobs are as rewarding and all-around fun as an activities assistant in a senior community. Helping others, forming relationships, and nurturing your creativity are just a few benefits of the position. Let’s take a look at the top 10 skills an activities assistant needs to be successful.

What is an Activities Assistant?

Simply put, an activities assistant is someone who schedules, plans, and helps implement various activities in senior living facilities. Many people focus on the “care” aspect of a senior community without considering the importance of extracurricular activities. In truth, it’s these activities that stimulate residents the most. Activities can be spiritual, active, or creative in nature and cater to physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

10 Skills an Activities Assistant Needs to be Successful

Because the job is so important to the care of residents, activities assistants do need to have a few skills and characteristics under their belt. Activities assistants thrive when they exhibit the following qualities.

1. Focus and Composure

The nature of senior care requires plenty of focus, particularly when residents exhibit medical needs. A qualified activities assistant remains professional, composed, and focused during all activities (without sacrificing fun!).

2. Creativity

Creativity plays an essential role in senior communities just as it does anywhere else. A creative team member typically thrives in the activities department by making activities more unique. Additionally, creativity often produces solutions to problems that arise throughout the day.

3. Reliability

Of course, an activities assistant must be reliable. Punctuality, a consistent work ethic, and a ready smile all increase the reliability and value of an activities assistant.

4. Encouragement

Activities assistants must be prepared to encourage residents in their pursuit. Growth rarely occurs without some outside encouragement, and it is amazing what a little cheerfulness can do for the confidence of others.

5. People-Centeredness

Perhaps most importantly, an activities assistant must care for people. A love for others and a desire to see them enjoy life greatly improves success in this field.

6. Patience

Another necessary quality for this role is patience. Many activities require practice, and practice requires patience on the part of both resident and assistant.

7. Trustworthiness

Reliability and trustworthiness share similarities, but trustworthiness remains a little more personal. Residents must be able to trust the team members helping them. A good activities assistant works hard to build honest connections with others, including the other team members.

8. Organization

It never hurts to be organized, especially as an administrator. Keeping an organized schedule actually helps you be more flexible, an excellent trait for any activities assistant.

9. Love for Having Fun

Of course, the simplest skill of the job is simply a love for fun!

10. Initiative

Finally, a high-quality activities assistant knows how to take initiative in planning, preparation, and problem situations.

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