Colavria Therapy Services sees success first month of service

By: Brooke Criswell

On April 1, 2017, Colavria Hospitality officially launched Colavria Therapy Services, a new business division that will serve those in need of physical, occupational, and speech skilled therapy.

CTS provides inpatient skilled therapy at the Colavria managed communities including: Gardens on Quail, WestLake Care Community, and the Rehabilitation Center at Sandalwood. Additionally, services are available on an outpatient basis at Gardens on Quail.

There are currently 34 treating therapists and assistants that provide skilled therapy services.

Previously, Colavria contracted with Infinity Rehab but determined an in-house therapy team would result in many benefits.

“We’re very pleased with the work Infinity provided however, we saw an opportunity by forming Colavria Therapy Services,” Dustin Dodson, Colavria Hospitality’s Direct of Special Projects, said. “CTS will deliver services that result in a positive experience for residents and patients, achieve clinical excellence, and deliver an integrated approach to reaching person-centered goals.”

Dr. Dan King, DPT, MSESS, is the program director for CTS. King has been with Colavria since 2015 as the Director of Therapy at Gardens on Quail. In total, he has eight years of experience in physical therapy.

“The creation of Colavria Therapy Services presents an exciting opportunity to not only create a truly collaborative rehab team, but to ultimately become the preferred therapy provider and employer in our communities,” King said.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with CTS as we work together to serve our residents in need,” Pam Rios-Menter, Administrator at WestLake Care Community said.

“The advent of CTS will further our goals of providing care, supports, and services to the hundreds of residents and patients we serve on a daily basis,” Dodson said.

For more information about Colavria Therapy Services, please contact Dan King, Program Director, at 303-456-1500, or via email at

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