About Us


Colavria Hospitality is headquartered in Denver, and provides management and consulting to clients throughout Colorado. Our management team has set a goal of providing the highest service levels possible when it comes to:

We offer management and consulting services for Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities. Our expertise ranges from financial payment systems to in depth operations management. We are recognized as industry leaders in innovation for our resident centered care delivery systems that defy archaic institutional models of the past.

Colavria is Built on Three Core Principles:

We use these three governing touchstones in all of our organizational design, decision-making processes, and our business relationships.

Our Core Principles

Colavria’s commitment to creating an atmosphere of hospitality has been truly transformative for our community. Their dedication to the highest quality in human resources and management has helped us take our business to the next level.Sandalwood Manor